Mooresville Service Unit Library 

Service Unit Library:

The library will be available at each service unit.  Look for the green and grey tubs.   There are VHS tapes, cassette tapes, cds, books and other publications available.  There is an inventory notebook for easy searching.  Below you will find a list of items in the inventory.  They are broken out into different categories.   

If you have any type of materials (activity kits, books, publications, tapes) that you would like to donate for use in the library, please bring them to the Service Unit Meetings and give to Kim Isom for inventory.

If you have the opportunity to get any free publications or items, please pick up a few extras to donate to the library.

*When checking out items, put title and number of item (if available), along with your name & troop # and the date checked out on the sheet provided. The item will be due at the next Service Unit meeting so others may use it. Also, put the return date on the sheet when you return an item.

If you have  any questions,

contact Kim Isom, Service Unit Librarian

at 704-663-5139. 



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